Get out your crayons. Make something on the computer. Pick up an instrument. It’s pretty easy to be creative. It becomes a lot more difficult when you want to take your creative talent and make a career out of it as a Copywriter or Art Director.


A career as a creative in advertising or marketing requires the ability to think conceptually and the skill of developing campaigns. It also requires a portfolio of your work. This is the tool that will get you a job. A good one will keep you employed and marketable throughout your career.


But how do you build a solid portfolio? Portfolio Schools are an option. They’re a great way to learn how to collaborate and build a portfolio. They’re also a quick path to debt and can require you to move to another city and commit to the program full time. Often times this means giving up your day job. And a great deal of patience as the programs can take years to complete. 


 Art, Copy + Concept is an online resource that provides both individual and group coaching. Through online courses you build your portfolio at your own pace. Creative assignments are given with the goal of developing conceptual campaigns for real world brands so you can build a creative portfolio that sets you apart and gets noticed, leading to a successful career. It’s more DIY than a traditional ad school, but with the support of creative directors and other students you’ll never go it alone.